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Make An Entrance


   This once was the back door of my home! When we remodeled we hired an architect to reconfigure the entrance to be on the back side of the house. Typically the front door faces the street, but we wanted a more secluded entrance and the original entrance wasn’t very inviting so I asked if we could make this entrance more prominent. I love the huge window above the double glass doors (which is impossible to photograph) and the way the light pours in, even in the winter months.

   Here’s a quick little view of the ever changing plant stand in my entry. I love this giant iron stand from my favorite garden spot, Molbaks, nestled in the city of Woodinville about 20 minutes from my home. This stand was a gift from my husband a couple years ago for my birthday.  I love visiting Molbaks and I will be sharing more in the future about why I love garden nurseries so much!  See you in the dirt…

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