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About ME

Live Life Creatively

Passion, and a zest for creativity brings Lisa’s clients returning for more. As a current Fashion Designer,  freelancing for over 14 years and coupled with the history of a robust 20 year full-time career in the Seattle area, Lisa continues to capture trends for many of her clients and develops collections for such notable companies as Nordstrom, Pendleton, Trina Turk, Sands and Hall and many other exciting startup ventures.

Lisa’s passion for interiors expanded when she and her husband renovated their 1937 farmhouse into their current home. Creating a beautiful home has become a creative outlet from the fast paced fashion world, and sharing what she learns along the way is pure joy.

Moving to the country in 2005 was when the magic all began. Lisa, along with her husband and son enjoy the best of both worlds; living close to nature and yet still in proximity to a metropolitan city, suits their broad interests of nature and design. Lisa’s home is truly where her heart is and she loves to share the spirit of design with family, friends and you.

Fashionably Yours, Lisa
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