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Elegant and Modern DIY Holiday Wreaths and Ornaments

Hello and Happy Holidays! It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post…

I’m excited to be back, after a long time away! I have been busy with a very special client since June and I have been dedicating all my design energies toward their project. I often compete for fashion design projects against designers located in NYC (hello fashion mecca!) so I have to hustle extra hard to stay relevant, fresh and inspiring in this ever-changing and competitive business we call the garment industry! I was fortunate to be back designing for my favorite merchandising team for the Pendleton and Trina Turk Coat Collections for Fall 2017-2018 season. I thought I’d share a quick and easy DIY elegant and modern holiday wreath and ornament projects you might like to try during the holidays!

ornament wreath in golds and matte greys

beautiful grey and gold Christmas ribbonI have always admired ornament wreaths, so this year I decided to tackle one! I have had my entryway color scheme of grey, gold, and white for the holidays in mind for many months, this is a great way to start.

gold stripe and birch ribbon Christmas tree decor

In fashion we always start with the color story first, so this helps me stay on track while shopping. Over the past few months I collected ornaments from many thrift stores, sometimes they were 5 cents a piece! It’s a great way to afford the amount of ornaments needed. I loved the modern matte metal grey shade I found in a set of plastic ornaments at Ikea, so I purchased a box of them. The combination of glass vintage and new as well as plastic worked well together, the wreath would have been very heavy and delicate, if I used all glass.

I bought wire wreath making forms from the dollar store, for a dollar, of course!!!  You will need to wrap it with strips of cloth to make a base for the gluing process. I loaded up on glue sticks ( you will need a TON)  for my glue gun and also some small jingle bells from the dollar store to fill in those gaps and spaces as needed.

I was shopping with a girlfriend last month and purchased some specialty ribbon. The ribbon was a bit expensive, but the quality really gave it a modern and elevated level. I had so much ribbon left over I used it on my tree too. This is a great way to tie your theme and unify your home with your festive touches!

While creating the ornament wreath and plowing through all my supplies, I had an unexpected idea…those burned out Christmas lights that you usually throw away and an old brass clock frame that was the perfect size and shape…

here’s what I ended up with…

I hope you are inspired to make a special ornament wreath using some of these modern techniques this season!

Fashionably yours, Lisa




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